How to train between CPC & ROP

In the process of joining the Royal Marines?

Just finished the candidate preparation course and passed but now lost on how to train leading up to ROP?

We will cover in this article how to prepare best leading up to starting Royal Marines ROP and mainstream training.

The Candidate Preparation Course (CPC) is a three-day course at Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (CTCRM), Lympstone. This is your introduction to life in the Royal Marines and indicates your potential to begin Royal Marines Initial Training. After this intense 3 days of testing and fitness you will need rest before even thinking of training again.


You have just been tested to the max both physically and mentally for the last 3 days. You may not feel it but you need to rest, we recommend a full week of rest before even thinking of training. If you can't do a week than 3 days minimum, you don't have to have a full week of doing completely nothing you can still move. Go for a swim or a walk on day 3 or 4 just to get the body moving again and blood flowing around the body, you should feel good after this session not tired or fatigued.

You may not want to rest but trust us your body will thank you for it. Give the body a chance to recover and refuel after CPC, not just the body but the mind also. You'll have at least 2-4 months to train after CPC for ROP so why not let the body recover for a week after getting smashed for 3 days.

Being able to train or be injured what would you rather?

That's correct what would you rather? have a week off and train for the next 2-3 months before ROP or pass CPC go straight into training again get injured and be out for 6-8 weeks due to injury and not be able to start ROP in 2 months after CPC. That's very likely to happen if you don't rest up.

Listen to the body, if it got niggles rest up last thing you want is to get injured leading up to ROP.


You've just passed the Candidate Preparation Course so you are fit enough to start ROP yes that is correct you read it right. The CPC is to see if you are a Potential Royal Marine so if you have passed it you are ready. You just need to keep fitness level up after CPC up to ROP, yes you will improve over the next 2-4 months which is perfect as long as you can pass all the tests from CPC you are all good.


You have just finished CPC so you will know what your weaknesses are so yes you will be targeting them but don't forget the rest.


You will want to start trail running if you haven't been already use this as a chance to get your long runs in also. You have done the endurance course so now know what to expect so make sure you are running on roads and on trails between 6-12km. If you can run 6 miles easy you are all good done really need to be running any more leading into ROP. Yes you can run longer if wanted but don't over do it and get injured.


Keep doing what you are doing you have passed the beep tests on CPC so you got a good level already. The goal now is to keep increasing SLOWLY and yes slowly in capitals, again you got a long time till ROP so don't over do it, rush and get injured. Also start adding toes/knees to bar into training if you haven't already, this will help once you start to learn rope climbs in mainstream training. make sure you are keeping knees to chest or toes to bar as strict as possible no swinging at all.


How i would structure training during the week.

Monday - Sprint workout, Hill sprints - do 400,600,800m sprints this will help when it comes to camp circuits in training.

Tuesday - Bodyweight strength work, Bodyweight workout - keep working on bodyweight strength plenty of strict movement work, start increasing the bodyweight workouts done.

Wednesday - Trial run/ road run 40-50 minutes of running

Thursday - 60-90 minutes of swimming, Yoga - Use this as a recovery day or active recovery day.

Friday - Bodyweight Volume work, workout - get in the reps here do it with high rep set or a number of different style of bodyweight workouts.

Saturday - 2-4 hour bike ride or long hike with light weight in bag - bike ride is great way to build endurance and build leg endurance with low impact on body to help stay injury free. You can also start walking with weight to start getting use to it and getting extra miles in the legs. Keep the weight light no need to go heavy here.

Sunday - RestComplete rest day here

This is just a template you can follow.