How To Train For Royal Marines PJFT+

Got The Royal Marines PJFT+ approaching and need help on how to train for it and pass it. Hopefully this can help you get a plan together or you end up signing up to our train for PJFT training plan.

A lot of questions we get asked is what is the PJFT, how do i finish it etc. So we are going to cover the mistakes people make and how to train for it.

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What's the biggest mistake people make when training for the PJFT?

So the biggest mistake people make is just doing the PJFT test everyday till the test comes and they still fails but why.

It's simple you are only training the test and not training for the test, think of school you don't just do GCSE exams everyday in school till it's time to do GCSE's do you. So why do the same when it comes to fitness tests.

Also you are missing out on a lot more training at the same time, if you are just training for the PJFT you will only be good at the PJFT. But what if you pass and you have CPC 2 weeks after PJFT? you ain't going to be ready for that now. You can get so much more out of training by training the same movements but in different formats and workouts. You can do Tabata style workouts, interval workouts, As many reps as possible in a time frame. So many different ways to get fit and still train the same for test. 

So we need to set up a plan or structure which you can follow and make sure you are ticking all the boxes when training.

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So we got the biggest mistake out the way and why it doesn't work. Now we need to teach you how to train smarter and get better results and most probably quicker too.

We need to get away from doing the test every day or every other day to maybe once a week to get a dose of it. But we can also do that in a number of different way's.

The most common ways people fail in training or testing themselves which i have heard are, shoulder strength or endurance, midline endurance or fitness in general and stop in the last round. Much more but they are the common ones i see a lot from social media and on our youtube channel. We need to tackle this and how we can improve them and it's pretty simple.


A lot of you ask for help on how to improve press ups and get more reps, some times its just mental and grit it out. But others its just strength in the triceps so we are going to touch on a couple ways to help improve this. The easiest way is Tempo reps so we just add time to the reps so you put the muscles under more tension. The only way they can improve is to grow and get stronger, with tempo reps it's simple. when you do reps add a 4-6 seconds lowering phase to it, you probably won't be able to do half the reps you are use to but they will be much harder. You could even add a pause at the bottom with the chest like 2 inches off the floor and also a pause at the top, this will add even more tension to the muscles and make the reps much more tougher. I would add a 2-3 second pause at the top or bottom up to you can go longer if you want to.

Another way is adding weight of course this involves having weight or a weighted vest to hand which most youth doesn't have. But all you are doing here is adding weight to the body so the muscles will have to get stronger to deal with the extra load. At the moment it is just use to bodyweight, it's all about mixing it up and confusing the body to make it get stronger due to the stress you are putting it through. Again with weight you can also add the same as above add Tempo reps this will take it to the next level again.

These two methods above are both great ways to help build strength and isometric strength in the press up. As you get stronger it should carry over to the number of reps you can do also. If you can do 30 reps with extra 10kg on and with Tempo, you take that 10kg off you will feel super light and you should easily be able to do extra 10-15 reps more.


This one is a little more difficult to improve as sit ups are just sit ups. To help improve this i would add more midline work so do plenty of ab exercises in your training and mix it ups. Crunches, V-sit ups, Russian twists, leg raises, hanging let raises, hanging knees to chest etc. They are just a couple of ab exercises you can add to your training or ab circuits at the beginning of your sessions.

If you have weight you can also do weighted sit ups so hold the weight against your chest and do sit ups that why. It will have the same effect as the press ups by adding extra load to the body which will focus it to get stronger to deal with the extra load.


The Plank is the plank guys to get good at the plank you just got to do it. It's also a mental game. The body will start to shake and you will want to stop but you will be able to keep going you just got fight through it. You can mix it up and do top of press up plank holds so keep arms locked out. plank on elbows, side planks, star planks, plank marches etc. So many different ones you can do to mix it up, this will also help with the press ups and the sit ups. Holding yourself in the plank with straight arms will carry over to the press ups and holding at the top with the beep. The plank will help get the core and midline stronger with all carry over to the sit ups.


We have covered how to improve the individual movements and help build strength and get them better. I would do them as a strength as a separate part. Then do a workout or circuit to help get fitter and also do movements under fatigue.

A Couple of different methods to help get fitter and also improve PJFT exercises.

1) For Time - for time is you will have a work load to be completed as quick as possible for example.

For Time:

50 press ups

50 sit ups

50 burpees

So you would complete that workout as quick as possible and in order so you would have to complete 50 push ups before moving onto the sit ups etc. You can see I have also increased the reps from the PJFT reps. This is so you will get more reps in and will also doing them as quick as possible which will stress the body to get stronger again. But you will also want to be smart, something like this i would maybe break the press ups up into sets i would maybe do 15-15-10-10 with little rest between them.

2) As many rounds/reps as possible (AMRAP) - A little different from For Time this one is you will have a time frame to get as much work done as possible. for example.

10 minute AMRAP

8 push ups

10 sit ups

12 squats

Here you have 10 minutes to do this circuit as many times as possible, so you would do 8 push ups straight into 10 sit ups and then 12 squats and back to push ups and keep going for 10 minutes. with little rest as possible get the heart rate right up breathing heavy. Again you can use the movements from the PJFT and add in others to mix it up. You are still getting benefit from do this and training for the PJFT. Think about it the PJFT test is 15 minutes long so you want to be working around that time frame if possible. I would mix it up so maybe 10,12,15,18 or 20 minute AMRAPs. play around with the time and the reps and exercises. With something like this you want to keep the reps low and something you can keep doing so you don't have to rest loads between. You can keep moving.

So let's say you got 15 rounds of the circuit in 10 minutes you would have do

120 push ups, 150 sit ups and 180 squats a total of 450 reps in 10 minutes. Now that is crazy right when before you was just doing the PJFT test all the time.


This one can be confusing and hard sometimes but its trial and error. You can also do a mix or the above methods also. With intervals you can do a time frame with rest between or a workout for time with rest between. A couple of different examples.

3 rounds for time of:

100m run

10 push ups

10 sit ups

Rest 5 minutes between sets

x3 sets 

Here you would do the workout 3 times before resting and then repeat the workout again for a total of 3 times. So you would end up doing 9 rounds in total.

3 minute AMRAP

3 burpees

3 jumping squat

3 v-sit ups

Rest 2 minutes between AMRAP

x5 sets

Here we have a AMRAP format but in interval method. You would complete the work as many times as possible in the 3 minutes, rest and then repeat 5 more times.

Interval work we do a lot in our Royal Marines PJFT+ Training Plan its a great way to get work in and also train for the test.

Hope this article helped you with training and you can now change the way you train. If you are interested and want to follow a plan we offer a Royal Marines Training Plan which target all the tests. We focus on Running short, medium and long distances, strength work on push ups, sit ups and pull ups also a mixture of different style of workouts. We also offer a Royal Marines Training Plan for gym users. Which is designed to get you fit and strong enough for the Marines but in a gym setting.

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