STAYING MOTIVATED well training for the Military


Royal marines Training Plan

We get a lot of messages and also see an lot of messages online about motivation and how to stay motivated when training. Here is one way we like to keep motivated.


Setting goals is the simplest way also you can tailor them to you and your goals and can keep shifting them to match your goals. So we want to create SHORT, MEDIUM and LONG term goals for example short term will be next couple of weeks (4-8 weeks). Medium will be couple of months (3-6 months) maybe longer and Long term can be a 8-12 months or the end goal.

So for example:

Short term - Pass CPC
Medium term - pass ROP
Long term - pass Phase One of Recruit Training

Or a training example can be:

Short term - Do 20 push ups without stopping
Medium term - Get 1 pull-up
Long Term - Pass PJFT+

Every couple of weeks you can keep assessing it and the short term and keep changing as you keep ticking off the goals. Which the goals will be working towards the end goal (long term goal). So short term will lead into medium term and medium term will lead into the long term goal.

WHAT IS YOUR GOALS?? post them so we can keep you motivated.

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